Klassi Kelli


Please take the time to read my website carefully before you contact me.

Once you have reviewed my website pages and all the information therein, and you desire to arrange a rendezvous, please email to me the following information:

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. City and State of Residence
  4. A Reference- either your employment information or a current reputable provider.  If you choose to disclose your employment information, I will need the business website and a description of your position with the company.  If you choose the provider reference, I will need a  provider's name, email, and website.
  5. Your TER "handle", if you have one
  6. Rendezvous desired:  Date, Location, Arrival Time, and Length of Rendezvous.  Please be specific!  For example:  April 24th, your outcall location if known, 6pm, four hours... Once I recieve this information and verify you I will send my cell number for further contact.
  7. Please let me know if you have a special fantasy or details about a certain things you prefer...this is all about you and the more you tell me the better I can be for your ultimate experience.  Can I take you on a new adventure or give you that ultimate girl friend experience you have been craving.  A romatic encounter engaging in conversation, sharing a nice wine, an intimate dinner full of flirting and seduction, getting lost in the moments... I will quench your desires with passion and pleasure.

Some questions to answer if you so desire;
- Tell me something you have always wanted to but haven't?
-Tell me about an unfulfilled fantasy?
-If you were taking a trip, what kind of music would you bring?
-Name three things that would put you in the mood?  If you tell me yours I will tell you mine.